Dani Chambers is a voice-over actress who specializes in kid voices. She’s been honing her craft since she was just six years old, and her passion for acting has only grown with time. Dani particularly enjoys theater work, where she can fully embody a character and bring them to life on stage.

As a voice-over artist, Dani has been working in this field for over 10 years. Whether you’re looking for a voice for an animated series, a video game, or a commercial, Dani has the ability to create unique and memorable character voices. She’s always excited to take on new challenges and bring fresh ideas to the table.

Though she considers herself an actor first, Dani also loves to help out with directing projects that come her way. She is eager to lend a hand and assist any job that needs directing help.

With over 150 credits in Anime Dubbing, Dani continues to set her sights on improving her skills every chance she gets. Let’s work together!